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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
2022-2023 Spanish Teacher - High School01/27/2022Secondary Certified1050Apply
2022-2023 Assistant Director - Fitness Center01/26/2022District Administrative Support1000Apply
2022-2023 Assistant Principal - Alternative School K-1201/26/2022Secondary Administrative1020Apply
2021-2022 Building Clerk01/25/2022Elementary Classified1020Apply
2022-2023 Teacher - Early Childhood Education01/25/2022Early Childhood7510Apply
2022-2023 Counselor - High School01/25/2022Secondary Certified1075Apply
2021-2022 Custodian - Days01/24/2022Facility CustodialDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant - Reading/Math01/24/2022Elementary Classified5000Apply
2021-2022 Field Trip/Part-Time Bus Driver01/24/2022Transportation8160Apply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant-Intense Severe Behavior NWSA.RSA Special Ed01/24/2022Special Education7010Apply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant -ECSE01/24/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Substitute Custodian01/24/2022Facility CustodialDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Bus Driver01/24/2022Transportation8160Apply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant - Three Trails Preschool01/24/2022Early Childhood7510Apply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant- Severe Behavior01/24/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant- Moderate to Severe One on One01/24/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant-Moderate to Severe01/24/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant- Mild to Moderate01/24/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Cook/Baker Full Time01/24/2022Food ServiceDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Cook/Baker Part-Time01/24/2022Food ServiceDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Cook/Baker Part-Time ASMP01/24/2022Food ServiceDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Custodian- Nights01/24/2022Facility CustodialDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Instructional Assistant - Reading01/24/2022Elementary ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Kindergarten Teacher - Primary Elementary01/22/2022Elementary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Counselor - Middle School01/21/2022Secondary Certified3000Apply
2022-2023 Math Teacher - High School01/21/2022Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Bus Aide01/21/2022Transportation8160Apply
2022-2023 Speech and Language Pathologist01/20/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 English Teacher - High School01/20/2022Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 HVAC Teacher - Career and Technical Education01/19/2022Secondary Certified1100Apply
2022-2023 Teacher-Career Resource Educator01/19/2022Secondary Certified1100Apply
2021-2022 Before and After School Care Assistant01/13/2022Before/After DaycareDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Classified Library Media Clerk - Elementary01/12/2022Elementary ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 5th Grade Teacher - Intermediate Elementary01/12/2022Elementary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Speech, Debate & Theatre Teacher - Middle School01/07/2022Secondary Certified3000Apply
2022-2023 Journalism/Broadcasting Teacher - High School01/07/2022Secondary Certified1050Apply
2022-2023 Middle School Boys PE Teacher - Special Subjects01/07/2022Secondary Certified3000Apply
2022-2023 Special Education Building Coordinator01/07/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Math Teacher - Middle School01/07/2022Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Social Studies Teacher - High School01/07/2022Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Social Worker01/07/2022Student SupportDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 English/ELA Teacher - Middle School01/07/2022Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 2nd Grade Teacher - Primary Elementary01/07/2022Elementary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Teacher-Special Education (Moderate-Severe)01/07/2022Special EducationDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Principal - Middle School01/06/2022Secondary Administrative3000Apply
2021-2022 Certificated Substitute Teacher12/20/2021SubstituteDistrict WideApply
2022-2023 Principal - High School12/17/2021Secondary AdministrativeDistrict WideApply
2021-2022 Fitness Instructor12/15/2021Fitness CenterFitness CenterApply
2022-2023 Theatre Teacher - High School12/14/2021Secondary Certified1075Apply
2021-2022 Library Media Specialist (MS-HS)12/14/2021Secondary Certified1075Apply